Monday, April 11, 2011

Linda Rules



Corner of Sycamore St. and Shiloh Avenue

Mt. Washington.

Spring, 1956


It gonna rain today, Mummy?

I think so, Honey.

I think so.

Mummy! It gonna rain today!

It is?

Yes, Mummy!  it gonna rain today.

We not go out today, Mummy?

No, I guess we won't go out today, Honey.

No, I guess we not go out today, Mummy.

I guess not, Honey

I guess not,.Mummy. 

No, Mummy!  We NOT go out today.

It not gonna rain today, Mummy?

I don't think it will rain today, Honey.

I don't think so.

Mummy!  I think it NOT gonna rain today

It's not?

No, Mummy!  It NOT gonna rain today

Well, then, Honey,shall we go out today?

Mummy!  We go out today!

So, okay, then!  We go out!