Friday, November 7, 2008

Who Am I Really?

At home I am the real me

But away, I often speak differently

To different people, you see,

Which makes me a different me.

To my grandchildren, as a rule

I try to talk cool

So they will think me hep

And in perfect step

With the 21st Century.

With high school friends

I find myself dropping g's,

For that was how we spoke then.

It was how're you doin?, and like that

And even sometimes, where are you at?

To people I hardly know,

Especially if they are la-dee-da-da,

I try hard to show

How just as cultured as they I am.

But it's a sham.

And finally – 

To my mine own man

I speak the speech of the real me,

And he in turn 

Speaks his true self to me.