Friday, October 6, 2000

November 22, 1963

Assignment:  Write a poem about President Kennedy’s Assassination

Generations yet unborn that day
When death in Dallas struck,
No doubt will consider history in the same vein
As when Lincoln or McKinley were similarly slain,
But we knew it was a shinning knight they slew.

Gone in an instant’s explosion
Was his brain, spattered in Jackie’s lap.
Gone was his sparkle and wit.
Gone, too, were our dreams of hope.
To our dying days, we are destined to remember
That sad November, and the farewell to Camelot.

Like sacred ritual, we asked one another,

“Where were you when you heard?
Each of us had a story to tell,
And did we cry? Oh yes, we cried.
For most of the three following days
We sat numb before our TV screens,
And watched grim pageantry unfold,
Finally we folded our dreams and put them away.