Friday, October 26, 2007

Look, Mamma, It's Me!

Assignment:  “Finish the Sentence, then begin a poem using a simile/metaphor/analogy you have written.

Sentence:  You were my parents, by you were

      Look, Mamma, It’s Me!

The longer I live, the more I see

That the older I grow,

The less I am me.

And the less I am me, 

The more I am you.

Pity my poor daughters, too

Who don’t know it yet, you see

(Although you and I do....)

The older the two of them grow,

The more they’ll be me.  And you.


We’ve got a ticket to ride, old chum.

Sit tall on the horse next to mine

The one that goes up and down.

Stationary steeds are not for you and me.

Hold the pole with one hand, old friend.

Take mine with the other

And round and round we will ride

Pretending we are kids again.

The autumn air grows chill, my sweet.

Catch the ring for me while you may.

I’ll wear it in winter and remember the music

After the carousel has wound down.

There’ll be no repeats then, my love.

One go-around is all there is.

Exit when it stops.  No getting back in line.

But oh what a joy is a ticket to ride with you!